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Tortured, cranky, no self-esteem to speak of, but basically goodhearted - and sometimes drawn with an Etch-A-Sketch animation machine - What's not to like?

(Gluhen Aya? Gorgeous. But how dare they leave him like that at the end. Grrrrrrr.)

 I love looking manly, driving my manly car, singing the "I'm a Lumberjack" song --


 You want top billing, ya gotta fight for it!

 Aya believed that when one door closed -- god hides the key to the next door and first makes you look for it yourself --

 Not only his hair, but Aya's sword, too, was getting limp and straight in the rain --

 Let's call this 'Serious Moonlight', after the Bowie song --

 Swooping in to save you? I can do swooping. You don't mind if I do some shooting, too?

 Yes, this IS a cel of Aya actually getting close to someone. What's your point?

 Two seconds after this shot, bet that wasn't a white shirt anymore --

 He also had a weekend job, helping opera singers hit their high notes -

 He supposed everything would make sense one day -- except for why there was so much PINK in his life...

 Who would have thought a school festival would be crazy enough to have a fugu sushi stall?

 Baseball, golf, swordplay, rug-beating. It was all the same basic stance, he discovered.

 The others got worried when Aya refused to relinquish control of the nail gun even after the shop repairs were complete.

 Aya had his own way of dealing with other drivers who stole his parking spaces.

 Come back! I didn't mean to wear orange again!

 Ya' gotta have a stance, they told him. No matter how well-trained, you can't go on a mission until you have a stance.

 Even as a boy, Aya could hear his karma coming up fast behind him --

 There's a fine line between genius and insanity. It's not meant to be used as a jumprope.

 Aya had already worked out what to do when he'd start losing his hair - just stand in front of appropriate backdrops!

 Ever since he saw the movie, Aya wondered how he'd look portrayed Sin City style -

 Aya was concerned. His hair seemed to be going YuGi-Oh on him -

 A classic example of why you should let your hair mousse dry completey before going out on a windy day.

 And the samurai deli is open for business....
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