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Miki is a normal high school student - whose parents go away on vacation and come back with another couple - that they're exchanging partners with! Even worse, all four will be living together! The only bright spot in all this weirdness is meeting her new step-sibling, Yuu. More complications arise when the two fall in love, however, more complications ensue, some heartwrenching. (The Japanese apparently make a clear distinction between bonds of blood and anything else, that requires a formal adoption process.)

The anime throws in an original story arc about a trip to New York, heightening some melodrama, but otherwise carries along the fun and heartache of the manga quite well.

 One scary time, when he was little, Yuu woke up in the middle of a field, unprotected, and someone was reading from 'Women are from Venus, and Men are Yours'...

 Button eyes. A loopy uni-brow. She looked like a bad teddy-bear project. She hated the new artist on the show....

 You wanna go, 'Harumphh', you gotta go chibi. It's a law.

 His shirt said not only did he let people walk all over him, they might have been doing the mambo, too.

 They wanted to be acceptably thin teens. They didn't know they'd end up actually 2-dimensional.

 We'll be fair. Each kabob has a name on the stick. Which ones you pick will be your new parents!

 Eventually Ginta became famous for his illustrated manual, 'Meeting Girls at School Without Fear...of Injury'.

 You know how beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder? Well, apparently so are UFOs and other bright lights in the sky...

 Mieko was glad she could comfort Miki. That's what friends were for. Well, they were also there to tell someone she was a bit color-blind, but that would have to wait --
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